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Referral Program

MicroVPS.com referral program details

MicroVPS.com believe in the quality and price of our product and assumes that our clients do too. We also believe in the power of satisfied customers and their ability to help us grow our business through customer recommendations. Therefore, we have initiated the Referral Program where our current customers are eligible to receive $50 for every referred customer in either cash or account credit. In order to qualify, you must instruct your referral while they are initially enrolling to include your account username in the "REFERRED BY" box.

How does the program work

If your referral pays monthly, You will receive $50 for every referred customer as cash or credit on your following month's invoice once your referral's payment is received and processed

For example:
If you referred 10 clients that signed for different packages, you will receive $500! into your account!

What If I don't have a hosting account with MicroVPS.com

This is not a problem! We believe so strongly in our product that we are willing to offer the same program to you. The conditions are the same as above except that you will receive a cash check instead of an invoice credit. You can signup for referral program only account and start earning credits.

How will I get paid?

As explained above, you will earn a cash check/credit card refund and/or a cash rebate on your following months invoice once your referral's payment has been received and processed. Please note that you must have at least a $100 positive balance on your account and that your referrals must be new customers at MicroVPS.com who have properly filled out their enrollment form at initiation and have indicated you as their referral source. Paypal payouts accepted!